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Many…gurus tell you that Iraq must first build a robust economy and create a demand for the dinar. But how does this happen if they keep Iraq in a sanction like isolation and status. It is time to break Iraq out of these sanctions and go global. We know it and they know it. So, what comes first the economy or the currency? Is the currency reform an important part to kick start the economy? Yes, it is.

Let’s joggle our memories for a second. Remember too that under Dr. Shiini Shabibi, then governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, was more than willing to go complete the project to delete the zeros in late 2012 and then reinstate the dinar to FOREX in January of 2013. How could he then without a robust economy and demand for the dinar. I trust this expert and so maybe Iraq does not need so much this “robust economy” all…elude to. Remember that Iraq was much worst off then they are even today in 2020 then they were in 2012. This all tells us that it is not so much the economy that is needed but the end to the corruption and Iranian influence. This is called stability and security.