Mnt Goat

2014 Article: “IRAQI DINAR REVALUATION POSTPONED BY CENTRAL BANK FOR 5 YEARS SAYS MP NOURA AL-BAJARI” This article shows us two things: 1) That the policy to delete the zeros is now ready to go by 2014 (remember in 2008-2011 they were NOT ready.) So what has changed? All the efforts of banking and financial reforms under Abadi, I quote from the article – “THE POLICY TO DELETE ZEROS FROM THE IRAQI CURRENCY IS READY TO BE EXECUTED BY THE CENTRAL BANK“ 2) It shows us that the ISIS invasion in 2014 postponed the project even tough the CBI was ready. They projected a 5 year wait afterwards to do it. This brings us to 2019. Right? I quote from the article – “Central Bank although it will be delayed by five years given the political and security situation of Iraq.