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Looking at the Iraq Central Bank (CBI) we can see a miracle finally happened…now we have that new director under the al-Kazemi administration. But what are the views and plans of this new CBI director? Will he work towards the currency reforms we look for? The answer is YES and he has come right and told us. So be patient and look towards January of 2021 for these reforms to take place. Could we see the RV earlier?  Yes, we could but I doubt it. The CBI would have to make some announcements very soon about the project to delete the zeros and are just not talking specific enough about it, as they have in the past. Remember too they will have to re-educate the citizens on this process and this too will take time. They have to also get out of OFAC sanctions with the US and Europe and so they have goals to accomplish prior. So, these next 3 months are critical for us and our investment. The momentum is moving forward but, as usual Maliki and Ameri are already conspiring a plot of chaos to bring down Al-Kazemi.