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Article: “GOVERNOR OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ: DEVELOPING A DELIBERATE BANKING PLAN TO STRENGTHEN THE NATIONAL CURRENCY” I need everyone to pay attention to what the new governor Al-Kitab is saying in this article. He did NOT say he was going to delete the zeros…at least not yet. However…another article from an economist also taking about the currency and he does talk about the project to delete the zeros. Yehhhhh! What does this all mean? This all means they are discussing the possibility and Al-Kitab may in fact also be considering it. This is the important part of today’s news about the currency in that finally once again they are talking about and discussing the timing of the project to delete the zeros. Why else would the economist just come out with a discussion on this topic…Why else would al-Kitab have this conversation? So we can be assured this is FACTUAL and they are planning to do something soon.