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We must go back to what we know for sure. The CBI confirmed that the Bona service will be launched on the tenth of February. …Bona is a platform that provides real-time clearing and settlement services for cross-border financial transfers between Arab countries and in Arab and international currencies. I am not predicting a date for the RV just do you know…If the Iraqi dinar is on Bona (which they announced it is) this may get a revaluation of the Iraq dinar in the middle east but not necessarily the reinstatement we desire which allows us to go to the banks in the USA. We might have to wait longer until it is connected to the other currency exchanges throughout the world, especially FOREX. Remember we need a reinstatement and a release of OFAC sanction to allow us to exchange our dinar. Incidentally the ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange) is now experiencing rapid growth of about 25%. WOW!