Mnt Goat

  In Mnt Goat 

It is like we are in a holding pattern, ready for takeoff but just not yet. The CBI has not given any indication whatsoever of targeting a reinstatement this week or any day soon. But we know it is waiting in the wings. I am waiting to see how this all plays out with the completion of the election process. We know from a recent article that completing this process is VERY important for the CBI as it can demonstrate STABILITY or INSTABILITY, depending on what direction it takes.

I do find is weird how the CBI has NOT given us an update on the “project to delete the zeros” for over three months. They normally give us an update each month. So we can expect one soon. We know for a fact that the CBI has already contracted with a German firm to print the smaller category notes. Also the coins are already stamped are waiting for distribution. So this is VERY close. What are they waiting for to finally launch the reinstatement? I believe it is political stability (get govt fully formed) and the elimination of the harmful Iranian influence (in the govt matters).