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We all need to relax and let this play out in Iraq. All the conversations now are about implementing the financial reforms, as listed in the “White Paper”. We know that the White Paper states that the project to delete the zeros will be completed. So, it’s now on the radar, its documented and they can’t avoid it much longer. Oh… we know the budget is passed and ratified. We are just waiting for the publishing in the gazette. But will we get the RV once it’s in the gazette…No one knows for sure but I will say the IMF does want Iraq to get its act together and follow a budgetary process. It is now done. But the CBI has said noting about an RV anytime soon. Is this just a coverup for what they might do? …So far the CBI is not advertising any rate change in the next 2 years. Yes, two years. Will it take that long?


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