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What remains in this process to get ready for a reinstatement of the dinar? They  said that the dinar has gone through the currency reform process and is ready. There is nothing more for the CBI to do in this regard except the CBI must conduct the final phase of the “project to delete the zeros”. It is now more of a political will and cautionary measures, notably the stability of the dinar against the dollar and keeping inflation down by up to 2% at the level of foreign reserves within the rates according to international standards with foreign reserve cash for Iraq (we know the reserves are now above these needed levels.)

Article:  “TO AMEND THE INVESTMENT LAW IN THE COMING DAYS” Quote: “The amendment of THE INVESTMENT LAW IS AN IMPORTANT POINT TO ELIMINATE UNEMPLOYMENT AND THE RETURN OF INDUSTRY AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN IRAQ and raise the market value of the Iraqi dinar…”  I don’t want anyone telling me there aren’t any more laws needed in order to reinstate the currency. To bring in investors is all part of creating the atmosphere conducive to investors, which in turn, is the state of the economy needed to trigger the reinstatement. It is all coming together.