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So, in the recent article from…8/2, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the start of implementing the administrative and executive mechanisms of the economic reform plan within the white paper…So it has officially now begun…the article told us that the Prime Minister chaired the meeting of the Higher Committee for Reform. So they actually now have a committee to address the white paper reforms. This is very good news!

There is a statement quoted by Al-Kazemi in the article as saying that “since we launched the reform white paper to address the rampant corruption in the country, we are working to create an appropriate atmosphere for its application”. This statement means …that they need to address and clean up the corruption before they can take on many of these white paper reforms. So they need security and stability once again. …One of these reforms we know is the project to delete the zeros which eventually will get us to the bank, sooner than later.

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