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Article: “CURRENCY STRUCTURE: CENTRAL BANK PREPARES TO DELETE 3 ZEROS OF IRAQI CURRENCY” This article …is only from Nov of last year…not too long ago. Okay so here is the beginning of the re-education process I said would begin a months before the reinstatement would happen.  Remember the CBI must first wait for the right environment to launch the rest of these lower smaller category notes. Now they are telling us the time is just around the corner. This is exactly what we wanted to hear and needed to hear at this time.

Remember as I said many times we will see a rate change within Iraq as close to 1000 dinars or lower per USD first, then the CBI must launch the smaller notes or the economy will not have any currency they can work with.  So now we see the CBI program rate as record lows coming into this week and so we should expect it even much lower and then the launching of first the 25, 50 and 100 dinar notes, as promised would happen at this time. Stay tuned it is all good.