Mnt Goat

Article:  “IRAQ’S OIL GENERATES MORE THAN 8 BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE MONTH”  WOW! WOW! WOW!  This is a filthy rich country! Yes, and the dinar is still 1/6 of a penny? …The monthly revenue of the IQD is more than twice that of the economy of Kuwaiti KWD, their neighbor yet Kuwaiti dinar is KWD 1 equaling US$3.26 (up 26% today) and the Iraqi dinar IQD equaling only 1/6 of a $US0.01. Can you see the artificial suppression of the IQD. Why? When will they allow the true value of the IQD to be reflected in its rate and have the rate traded internationally like the KWD?