The call is at 1 Eastern. NO new intel, more training opportunity today! – RAYREN98
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Article: “Urgent Central Bank of Iraq will get $ 15 billion in loans
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Rates looking good…
Date in God’s NOW and it doesn’t get any better than that…
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We will never give you a date…we study time frames and as far as the rate goes…
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Article: “Tamimi: IMF loan would be a door for corruption and bear the consequences of the people
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Saving Iraq: What Ayatollah Sistani Can Do. By Ranj Alaaldin *
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Wealthwatch Chat Room – News & Comments
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HOUSTON I HAVE A PROBLEM; Good afternoon, yes I have a problem when I see how satan is back to … Read More


Article: “The central bank announced…the approval of a cell of the financial crisis, headed by the Prime Minister on Read More

KTFA CC (Notes by Aggiedad77)

Aggiedad77: Hello Family…..if you were wondering where they were…..the notes from last night’s CC are finally ready….enjoy  Aloha   Randy
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Article: “On the Keywords: We have reached an agreement with the Kurdistan Region to open the central bank in Read More


Thunderhawk: We told you Singapore was OZ’s Head quarters !
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Don961: It’s ultimately about people … human beings …. who have human needs ….. a “political backlash” will be the … Read More


Dune: Iko said yesterday may not be called a structured payout, some sort of annuity?
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