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chattels: @Cree I give little credence to any of the gurus, but I am still a believer in a return on investment with the IQD someday.

chattels: @Cree There is real news, but … Read More


It has been reported to me that Parliament did in fact meet today and approved the Supplementary Budget. (The contractors and peasants are happy campers!)

This weekend isn’t over yet……….stand by.

Dallred123:   So let’s bring up the question…. if the … Read More

Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

George has informed me of all the wonderful comments from everyone on the content and design of the newsletter. I am happy everyone likes it. This is my only reward for all … Read More


FEELING anxiety, depression, or plain old lack of faith, I encourage you to walk away from all this for awhile.

But if you do, please let me inform you, that since you have been at it for so long , … Read More


In recent past…our friend indicated that the 21st was to be the beginning if you will of what is in my opinion a new rate to be reflected in the citizens pay seen by the last Friday of the month.… Read More


Had reports that airports are no longer exchanging at the airport kiosks and referring people to banks.

Why did they stop?

Told they received instructions.

Where did the instructions come from?

Told they got it from the International Currency … Read More


APMCRX: FOR INFORMATION ONLY! (Yes it’s old…2012… yes I know it’s worthless)

The Central Bank has decided to adopt some features and images to be placed on the new currency after the deletion of zeros .. The agency received a … Read More


Smoke, Mirrors, & Alphabet Soup

In an environment of Ponzi schemes and financial scandals many Americans have lost trust and confidence in the financial profession; seems like there are some financial advisers that have been helping themselves, more than their … Read More


Eccle519: If there really is an IMF deadline, I think it’s safe to say they work with specific dates and not when it feels good in the next few days. But Abadi used the Imf to back-up his own statement … Read More


[I can’t believe some didn’t see that Mosul was a big obstacle that had to be overcome…and that it was a “key” point.]

I’m one of those guys who don’t think it was an obstacle.

Obviously, having your … Read More


StephenMac63: I think the reason we are getting different prices and value of the dinar is because the websites that provide this get their information from various sources.

The grand poo-bah of the dinar value source would naturally be the … Read More