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Chris Irons: Derailing the Great Reset

Palisades Gold Radio:  Jan 28, 2022

Chris discusses how we live in an age where narratives can’t be questioned without becoming considered a conspiracy theorist

The market however is demanding a solution to censorship and there are thousands of people looking for a safe place to put their content.

There are two narrative shifts occurring right now around Covid and inflation. The Fed is at a fork in the road between popping or expanding the giant bubbles of debt. The Fed is trapped and unlike in the past, they don’t have a viable way out.

They used to be able to avoid inflation and they were able to pretend to engineer monetary prosperity. Now there is no way for the average person to ignore Fed policy with high inflation.

The Fed is out of excuses and room to wiggle.

Chris says, “The Fed’s feet are being held to a fire in a way that has never occurred before… Politicians aren’t going to be able to promise as reality is taking effect… Inflation is now the number one political issue in the country.”


Crypto has brought financial understanding of monetary policy scams to a new generation. They are quickly realizing the flawed nature of the existing system and this is a huge problem for the Fed.


We’re not far from a hyperinflationary mindset setting in with the masses. The environmental movement is only exacerbating the problems as prices for energy skyrocket. As the cost of energy rises so does everything and today’s leaders are terribly ignorant.


They believe they can micromanage the economy and are stunned when their actions and price controls don’t work.


In this market all you need to have is a face and a dartboard; brain is not required. Rates being left unchanged is probably bad news for markets because investors wanted the Fed to take some sort of action.


Lastly, he believes that capitalism and common sense are soon going to end the mandates and intrusion into peoples lives.


Talking Points From This Week’s Episode


– Censorship, new platforms, and how the narratives are shifting.


– Cryptocurrencies and inflation are enlightening a new generation.


– Hyperinflationary risks and the cost of production.


– Incompetent political micromanagement and the economic consequences.


Time Stamp References:


0:00 – Introduction


1:43 – Substack Model


7:02 – Shifting Narratives


17:03 – Crypto Lessons


21:40 – WEF Great Reset


27:42 – Price Controls?


35:00 – The Coming Reckoning


36:45 – Fed Creations


44:54 – Rates Unchanged


46:00 – Concluding Thoughts