Parliamentary Finance: We received the summary of the federal budget

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Moeen Al-Kazemi, confirmed today, Thursday, that the tripartite budget approved a large deficit, indicating that the summary of the federal budget has been received.

Al-Kazemi said in an interview with the Twenty program, which is broadcast by Al-Sumaria Satellite, that “the Sudanese government approved the tripartite budget with a large deficit, but it is working very seriously to implement its government project and its ministerial program through support by all.”

He added: “We received the budget summary from the Ministry of Finance by 14 pages, which is a general summary and it is hoped that you will receive the detailed in the coming days to discuss it in Parliament.”

Al-Kazemi pointed out that “consensus is not a condition for approving the budget, and the parliament is determined to approve the budget, which came in a very large number after the 2021 budget.”

He pointed out that “one of the powers of the Finance Committee is to reduce the amount of the budget in addition to transfers and large deficits contrary to the budget instructions, which recognizes that it should not exceed 3% of the total budget, which the government confirmed that it will cover the budget deficit through the differences in the sale of oil and other financial resources and financial abundance in the state treasury.”


Al-Kazemi pointed out that “there is a note on the implementation of investment projects, unlike operational projects, and if the government can implement investment projects, it will be a great achievement for the government, such as the projects of the liberated governorates and the poor governorates, for which large sums have been allocated that must be clear and transparent because there are large amounts within their allocations.”

He explained that “granting investors plots of land in Baghdad to establish residential complexes is marred by a lot of corruption because these complexes are sold for imaginary amounts that the simple citizen cannot buy in them, and the government must follow up on this issue because of its great importance affecting the lives of citizens.”



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