In Petra

Article: “An economist warns against Iraq facing the fate and financial crisis of Lebanon”  Quote:  “the price of the dinar, if it falls, the value of salaries decreases very significantly, although the number remains the same.”  Here we are again with another commentary on decreasing value of the dinar.  That is off the table as a solution and the CBI knows it. We all know that lowering the dinar value reduces the PP [Purchasing Power]  of all Iraqi’s and that is “not” the direction they are going as evidence in the actions being taken with the “White Paper!!” So, relax, the plan is afoot and great things are coming. Posts like this to me are educating the citizenry why they will “not” devalue their currency as the plan is to provide even greater PP then they have ever seen!   To me, this is a friendly reminder of why they are focused on a better future!!! All IMO.