In Pimpy's Investment Chat

Iraq is definitely draining the swamp…looks like there’s a lot happening and it’s happening quickly again. Article: “Pompeo mentioned him by name and accused of killing protesters…the dimensions of the step to relieve Fayyad from security positions in Iraq”  …it was believed that he gave the orders for the soldiers to shoot on unarmed protesters. Just for the record this guy here is an Iranian puppet big time…  Quote: “the decision was on Saturday by the office of the prime minister Al-Kazemi. A step that was paved for several days and leaked by talks about Al-Kazemi’s intentions to carry out a coordinated campaign aimed at reducing Tehran’s influence in the situation and institutions of the Iraq state before his upcoming visit to the United States this month.”  So he is draining the swamp…I’m excited about it. All these are major steps and achieving what we want and that is for Iraq to get their sovereignty and they get the restrictions moved off of their currency.