In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

Article “Al-Kazemi arrives in Halabja”  You’re gonna see a lot of articles talking about Erbil and Baghdad trying to get things ironed out…we know what needs to be done.  The only thing that’s changing right now…is the atmosphere in the amount of cooperation going on between Erbil and Baghdad.  We know this has to be ironed out…They can’t go forward with the budget until they get this agreement knocked out…this has to happen very soon.  We know that there’s a deadline on the budget getting to parliamentary for it to be voted on…We also know they have to review the reform papers and decide whether or not they’re going to make the changes recommended including the rate change and implement it into the 2021 budget…it looks like Al-Kazemi has rolled up his sleeves.  He is over there with Bersani as well as Telebani and they’re getting these things knocked out.