In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

Article: “100 U.S. Dollars is equivalent to 100 Iraqi dinars…Is it possible? An economic expert answers”  That would be a 1 for 1 exchange rate…it looks like what she’s saying…is they want to improve the value of the currency so that they could do the lop and then turn the exchange to one to one.  What does that mean?  For every 100,000 dinars would be worth a hundred dinars…lopping off the three zeros is once again the talk of the town…for you newbies that’s a very bad situation if they do that. So for every hundred thousand dollars they would reduce it down to a thousand dollars and then give you a one for one exchange. So you would get a 1000 for every 100,000…I don’t think they’re going to lop the zeros off. I don’t think they can afford to.