In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

This is March 20th. Today was supposed to be the big day. What did these other youtubers say? ‘Boom!  Before you know it the budget was going to change.  We would get the big rate change and we’d be skipping our way to the bank’…This is why I tell you don’t get overly excited about good news, don’t get overly down on bad news…I hear this all time and then I become the boogeyman.  Why? Because I’m saying read…whether it’s ‘contract rates’…redemption centers… humanitarian projects…ridiculous 800 numbers. To me all those things sound like scams. They want you to send your dinar to that location. Where’s your security? We all want the same thing…we want the RV to happen but there are other indicators out that we can watch for…slow down. Hang tight.


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