In Pimpy's Investment Chat

For 86% of us you could be guaranteed that within 5 months [of rate change] you’re gonna be flat broke.  That’s haunting.  A lot of you out there are saying, ‘man, that’s not gonna happen to me.’ But look most professional athletes that make hundreds of millions of dollars are flat broke within two year.  That’s because nobody teaches them how to manage money.  I’m sure all those people said the same thing…just be smart about your money … get an attorney that can set you up in a way where your assets are always protected.

As soon as someone finds out you’re a millionaire man you can expect for people to find ways to try to scam it from you.  Sue you for it, purposely accidentally fall down in your home. They’re gonna do whatever it take to get the money from you.  Let a lawyer set you up so that you’re protected.  In addition to that let a financial advising team set you up. You should tell yourself you don’t want all your money at one time. Let your money be invested in such a way that you live off the interest and you never touch the principal. Be smart about it. [Dinar Detectives Notice: All posts are for informational/entertainment purposes only and are the opinions of the providers. They are not legal, tax or investment advice. We strongly encourage everyone to do their own due diligence and seek professional tax, legal and investment advice.]