In Pimpy's Investment Chat 

There is a lot of positive things working in Iraq.  We know these things.  We know the early elections took place and the government is being formed.  We know over the last year and a half Al-Kazemi appears to be the real deal Holyfield.  He’s been doing everything he could to get the corruption weaved out the the government- doing what he could to develop the private sector…so their budget isn’t reliant on oil sales…they’re finding new oil and oil fields.  They’re working on moving quickly through the WTO.  They’re doing what they can to remove themselves off the blacklist…we know our troops are getting ready to leave restoring the sovereignty of Iraq.  We know that their debt is almost paid off with Kuwait for invading them.  All these things are big…steps necessary to get to the revaluation of the dinar.

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