In RAYREN98 

We can hear the clock ticking pretty loudly.

We are halfway through the week.

We had an unusually quiet day yesterday for intel; most who have information agree there is a stalling…maybe pacing is a better word.

Iraq is reporting 7% still left in Mosul, and it’s taking weeks to knock that out?

We heard about successes on Monday, then nothing.

We do think they want to have this wrapped up by Ramadan, which is Friday evening.

We have been told about an in-country rate of 90 cents.

I firmly believe that the lower denoms are in the ATMs and are disbursed in some areas; my sources have told me that, and I believe those sources.

However, I have not personally ‘confirmed’ that.

I expect to receive more information this week, to give us an indication of when we can make appointments in the US banks at the early part of next week, which would still be in May, before the end of the month.

This ride is almost over.