RayRen98 (Tweet)

It is being communicated to look for the Budget to be published in the Gazette in “the coming days.”

The Iraqi TV is reporting an upcoming realization or turn-of-events in Mosul on Sunday. (I’m not sure what that could be, how about you?)

I am now up to 13 US banks, 1 credit union and four currency exchange companies openly accepting the Iraqi Dinar, just like any other internationally accepted currency.

There are probably more out there, I’m just sharing what is being reported to me from our membership.

4 reports came to me on Friday of dinar exchanges at a rate of $1 plus change!

2 are accepted by me as “solid” and I still await further information on the other 2.

BEWARE the 1st mouse syndrome, but be very aware of a leveraging opportunity.

Carpe Diem