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Weekend update information from late Friday evening until early Sunday morning…….

Preparations were underway for a celebration on Saturday (I await further information on the results)

On Saturday morning, it was reported that 5 districts were left to be liberated.

PM Abadi sent out a twitter message referencing the liberation of western Mosul in the past tense. (Could this have served as the “announcement” ???)

Iraqi Counter Terrorism have officially announced that ALL their goals have been accomplished and duties are done in west

4 districts remain with less than 50% ISIS occupation. Liberation of Mosul is deemed complete.

The CBI has discontinued the release of un-circulated dinar outside of the country, more particularly the 3 zero notes.

The official announcement of liberation (with pomp and circumstance) is expected by PM Abadi on Sunday at the summit in Saudi Arabia

Lower denoms and fils are expected to “flow” on Sunday (Time will tell)