In Shafaaq

Abadi exposes “projects to divide” Iraq and calls for its end

Leader of the coalition of victory Haider Abadi, to address the projects of the division of Iraq and ending, declaring that his coalition will resort to the option of “opposition calendar” in the event of recording any deviation in the course of the state.

A statement issued by Ebadi’s office said on Saturday that the latter met with the advanced cadre in the office of Najaf and the Middle Euphrates.

The statement added that Abadi stressed the importance of preserving the achievements achieved by winning the organization and calling for the end of communal sectarianism and sectarian state, and the state must be for all components of the Iraqi people, and success by making our security forces in its national path, as well as ending projects to divide the country.

He called for “preserving the wealth of the country despite all the economic challenges through financial policy according to the scientific method, and the success achieved at the level of the external file to establish the best relations with countries on the basis of the policy of neutrality and balance and common interests.”

“Abadi said that we support the state and its institutions if it continues to accumulate successes, but if there is a decline we will be the first political forces to address the error through the opposition approach, which means the reform of any deviation that may occur by state institutions. Source