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The discovery of a surprise regarding the “normalization” of Iraq with Israel

The Iraqi politician close to the US administration, Mithal Al-Alusi, revealed on Monday new details, which carried a surprise, regarding the discussions that an Iraqi government delegation had conducted during its recent European tour regarding normalization between Baghdad and Tel Aviv.

Al-Alusi told Shafaq News, “The official Iraqi delegation, which recently conducted a European tour, listened and discussed the issue of normalization between Iraq and Israel.”

He added, “This matter is surrounded by high secrecy, especially after this matter was revealed before it happened through the media.”

Al-Alusi revealed a surprise in this regard, saying, “The official Iraqi delegation sent a message to the world that we want normalization between Baghdad and Tel Aviv, but the time is early for this, especially with the financial and security crisis and the electoral crisis in Iraq.”

He concluded by saying, “This normalization may soon see the light.”

The Iraqi government delegation headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi conducted a European tour last month that included France, Germany and Britain.

Shafaq News Agency revealed from its own sources that the Iraqi delegation will discuss normalization with Israel before the start of the tour.

And Israel concluded agreements to normalize the situation with each of the Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan in the past few weeks. Iraq considers these agreements a “domestic affair” for these countries. Source