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Parliament is moving to hold a “secret” meeting away from the media and political bickering, and why !!
MP for the Reform Movement and member of the parliamentary services Tawfiq al – Kaabi, on Sunday, on the request has been submitted to the Speaker of Parliament, to convene a secret session away from the ‘media and political bickering’ to assess the work of members of parliament and stand on his mistakes, stressing that the President of the Parliament agreed to hold the meeting confidential , without specifying a date for the session.
Kaabi said in a press statement, that ‘at the beginning of the current legislative term demanded Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, Walkers broken laws such as social security and oil and gas law and the law of the service and the law of accountability and justice law’, following ‘demanded that there be a salary welfare even to the private sector’ .
He stressed, ‘also called during the first session of the legislative term practice of evaluating the performance of the House of Representatives by a regular closed sessions to assess Members work away from the media and away from the electoral propaganda and political bickering’, noting that ‘ the head of the House of Representatives and approved by Al asked the secret session is supposed to The guidance from him and set a date for that meeting.”

He said al – Kaabi, ‘ I do not know when it will be a private meeting but it is not new Vtm applied in the legislative term of the former and the head of the House of Representatives promised to meet our demand to hold a private meeting’, asking , ‘What is the benefit of the House of Representatives without criticize ourselves and what its usefulness and we do not prove the errors and distinguish between right and wrong and what its usefulness unless the offer service for the Iraqi people? ‘
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