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“Gold, Gold, Gold… Everywhere!” by Sierra (NZ) – 7.13.19

I am finding the best way to navigate these tumultuous times is to keep the 40,000 foot perspective as much as possible. And I look for trends. What is trending these days? The word ‘Gold’.

President Trump wore a gold tie to the recent social media summit at the White House. He has only worn a gold tie once before lately. It’s a message. Everything POTUS and Melania wear is sending a message to lightworkers and Q followers. Who can forget Melania’s magnificent white outfit and tall white hat, as she stood on the balcony. She was sending a clear message to the Deep State: ‘The White Hats are winning.’ AND WE ARE!

Then we have the latest quirky Gaia Portal message which includes the words: ‘Gold Mark reached…’

Finally, there is a huge amount of intel/videos online discussing the imminent return to the Gold Standard. From a 40,000 foot perspective, it seems to me that humanity’s abundance is a done deal. If you detach from the angst of following every minute detail of daily currency intel, you can enjoy the many signs of great progress by the Alliance worldwide.

Epstein’s arrest was THE most pivotal domino to fall. This one event signals the total destruction of the global Deep State satanic web. It includes USA and global politicians, many Hollywood so called ‘stars’, and ultimately the Vatican.

President Trump took the extraordinary step of holding a press conference at the White House, where he addressed, among other things, the Epstein arrest. He said, ‘Find out the people that went to that island.’

Q post number 3425 quotes President Trump’s words…


Anons know.’

Do not be fooled by the mainstream media – they are trying to lighten this situation by using words like ‘sex scandal’. The Deep State global elite have been torturing and murdering children in satanic sex rituals for decades. Epstein Island was one such site.

Evidence of these heinous crimes is starting to appear on the internet, even in Q posts. Some images are so sickening, that once seen will never be forgotten. I try not to look at them – I have read enough insider testimony over the years to know that it’s true. However this week I accidentally caught a glimpse of an image on a Q post and was nauseous all day.

We must prepare ourselves to calm people when this horrific evidence becomes public. Q has said that up to 80% of it will never be known. I can see why. Twenty years ago Dolores Cannon wrote that when the truth is known, people will run screaming in the streets and some will go insane. We have arrived at that time. Pray, pray, pray for all humanity.

Meanwhile, let’s end on a positive note. [email protected] has pinned a tweet that features a delightful picture of a relaxed President Trump skipping as he walks along holding Melania’s hand. Here is the text with the tweet…

‘You know that skip you get in your step when everything is going to Plan…?’


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)