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Security forces announce the restoration of four new neighborhoods in Mosul

Military commanders have said that Iraqi forces retook on Monday, 4 blocks from the grip of the “Daesh” in areas east of the Tigris River from the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq.

He explained the military campaign to liberate the commander of Mosul “are coming Aaninoy,” Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Aarallah, that “the federal police rapid reaction forces managed to restore the neighborhood (Dumez) Fully southeast of Mosul.”

He said Allah Yar, in a press statement, that “the federal police also recovered the neighborhood (Palestine) in the same front.”

He pointed to “the deaths of at least 35 component of the organization Daesh during the Liberation of Palestine neighborhood process,” he did not mention casualties in the process of liberalization neighborhood “Dumez.”

In turn, said Brigadier General Marwan al-Khafaji, an officer in the rapid reaction forces, said that “anti-terrorism forces completed the editing neighborhood operations (municipalities) north of Mosul (on the east bank of the Tigris River) after the enemy to inflict loss of life and equipment.”

Khafaji said that “troops hoisted the Iraqi flag over the Al-Rahman Mosque, the center of the neighborhood, in an indication that the region returned to the embrace of the judiciary was the armed manifestations in them.”

He continued that “the fight against terrorism and the strength of your troops from 73 Brigade of the Iraqi army, was able today to complete the liberalization neighborhood (sugar) neighborhood adjacent municipalities north of Mosul.”

Khafaji and pointed out that “the Iraqi forces blew up two car bombs and addressed some of the remaining pockets in the neighborhood.”

In this context, Iraqi fighter planes and an international coalition important headquarters for the organization, “Daesh” in the eastern part of Mosul destroyed.

Brigadier General pilot in the Iraqi air force, Ali Kamal al-Din al-Hamdani, in a press statement, said that “16 Iraqi F-directed, based on intelligence information accurate 0.9 air strikes for three houses in the Al Faisaliah district, east of the city of Mosul, taken by the organization as factories for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices The explosive barrels and booby-trapping the wheels. ”

“The raids have resulted in the complete destruction of homes and killing all the militants who were present in the scene the moment the implementation process.”

The special forces, Brigadier corner, in the leadership of sixteen band, Shirvan Subhi, said that “coalition aircraft launched a strike on the Daesh gathered north of the city (Mosul).”

He explained, “The warplane carried out an air strike on a gathering of fighters of the organization in the north of Mosul Kairouan area during their willingness to launch attacks on the Iraqi armed forces, on the edge of humpback neighborhood, killing 25 militants and injuring dozens and destroying wheels and combat equipment.”

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