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J+G:  The Unfolding Global Reset that Only Few Understand
(Just a tidbit of what’s in the article)
The new global development bank is now online and is ready to serve governments of the world. This is the official inauguration of the new financial system that will usher in a new era of massive economic development for humanity.
We shall remember this day when real men stood their ground and did what they deem is right for the people.

China-led AIIB development bank officially launched, elects first president
The Board of Governors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has held its inaugural meeting, declaring the bank open for business and electing its first president, Jin Liqun.
Chinese president Xi Jinping, as well as Prime Minister Li Keqiang, delivered opening addresses at the official ceremony, which was also attended by high officials from other multilateral banks.
“Asia’s financing needs for basic infrastructure are absolutely enormous,” President Xi said, adding that the bank is going to invest in high-quality, low-cost projects.
Late Saturday Night:
IKO: China crash is not a show. They have been systematically putting pressure on Western Banks and Markets along with dumping dollars so the West has no choice but to RV. I am hearing RI but then RV not longer than 24 hours. Region can’t take the imbalance.