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Article: “Zebari is likely not possible distribution of salaries in April
I have been talking to some of my contacts and so has Ray. All of us including our contacts are saying that Iraq has a dismal future under the current conditions.
In order to change the value of their currency for the better, there has to be many laws in place.  All of the work in the “Monetary Reform Policies” are meaningless with the obvious.
No country, or outside companies will come into Iraq and invest to help them develop their economy under the current circumstances. Matter fact, many have pulled out until major changes are made.

I did talk to Ray last night and he confirmed the very same thing my guys are telling me, nothing will happen until this country is secure. Mosul is, according our sources, the the last major hurdle.
Because it is so close to the Syrian border that once that city is back in Iraqi control, then and only then will they attempt to close the border and activate a change in value.