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Stevel & Members Wednesday Evening Discussion
An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
LJWalls  said:   I guess the question now is how long it will take for Iraq to make this move. I’m in for the long haul – but it’s been pretty long already!! LOL
Stevel:   This depends on the Mosul success with ISIS. They cannot do this and leave out the Kurdistan region. Just not going to happen. They need to close the border and get the lower currency in the banks. You can not move money into a war zone.  I hope this helps.   Steve

An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
Andiedog said:   Now I am going to throw in my two cents……Just a thought for people to stew about. Look at the price of Gold in the past two years or so. It has been going up and down while hitting all time highs, then going down then going back up.
But as we now see it is relatively stable (HMMMMMM) and conveniently at a level that makes this Dinar situation favorable in the market eyes. Again (HMMMMMMMM).
In the past I had a conversation with a Gold Trader my question to him was simple, I was always taught buy low and sell high. That seems very simple. But as the gold price was at it’s peak the big dealers were still buying. As we were being told that the price was going to well over 2000 per ounce.
This never made any sense to me. The closing comment from this gold dealer was simple, He stated that when you stop seeing the TV commercials from the gold buyers then look for something to change in the market. I do not know about you guys but the commercials have stopped in my area So Cal.
He also explained that these dealers do not hold on to the gold, they buy it and sell it immediately for their profit.  So after all that I ask….. Is there a chance that at this time is the gold market is being Manipulated  to accommodate the event we are waiting for ???
I am not a suspicious type person but I would not be surprised by anything at this time.  Just asking  ??
Stevel:   Is there a chance that at this time is the gold market is being Manipulated  to accommodate the event we are waiting for ???  Absolutely not. Not in a million years.   Steve
An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
goods10 said:   Before they would do that won’t they need to move the decimal (delete the zeros)? Is that the 1:1 that is being mentioned?
Stevel:   No the 1:1 may have been a master plan along. Only the Finance Minister and the IMF know the answer to that one.
Remember, we have two things going on at the same time, in country and outside of the country. What they do inside the country will be to give them lower domination with value. Also the retailers will price accordingly.
Example, when the Chinese currency devalued (China’s currency dropped by a cumulative 4.4%, this was a while back, against the U.S. dollar, making Chinese exports cheaper and imports into China more expensive by that amount) but my wife purchase products daily from China.
So what the China merchants did was realign their costs to the dollar and she kept spending the same amount for the goods to us. She did not end up getting more products.
Several of the big plants in China (that Marion buys from), the merchants are moving their manufacturing to another country.  Steve
An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
merlin62 said:     I have two degrees in Business Administration Finance and graduated “Magna Cum Laude,” so I’m not dumb but I believe you have to have more than just an education to understand this.
Steve, his team and PD researchers must have a gene that they were born with to understand all the information and be able to piece it together, so we can understand it all.
I know I could run a business but I could never run a country and keep its country’s currency in line with the global economy but I think some of the team and Steve could. Thank you Steve and the PD team for helping this old Marine understand this investment for all these years.
Stevel:    Thanks for the kind words. I would not want to run any country because my wife would always be telling me what to do and how to do it, so I would never be correct. 🙂 😛 😀   Isn’t that what a great wife is for? Keep the guys inline. Mine sure does.   Steve
Economic analyst: the dollar against the Iraq dinar is not real price
swann1  said:    my read on this article is, that the analyst is admitting that the IQD rate is not accurate, and they must raise it to meet the USD.
Stevel:   Remember, the current rate is what the United Nations did when it put Iraq under severe sanctions. Sanctions removed so in theory, the rate should go back up. I really do not agree with the returning rate any longer because it was a rate that was dictated by the other past leader dictator.  Steve
An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
Norm53 said:    Does pegging the dinar to gold make it internationally tradeable, or just internationally desirable?
Stevel:   Internationally Tradeable and very much desired for all investors large and small.  Steve
An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
Mophaven said:    Steve,  If I understand what you are saying…we were expecting a  measly 3+ dollar value per Dinar. With the new information, now we might have a 1100+ dollar value per Dinar depending on what the one ounce price of gold is when we choose to sell our Dinar?
if this is correct,        10 dinars would be equal to      11,000 dollars
100 dinars                                 110,000 dollars
1000 dinars                              1,100,000 dollars
10,000 dinars                            11,000,000 dollars
100,000 dinars                          110,000,000 dollars
Am I correct in my math or did I miss something?
Stevel:    Sorry, you really missed this one. I love where you were going with this, but no not close.
1,000 (you are forgetting the three zeros) dinars will be equivalent to one ounce of gold value. If the value of one ounce of gold is Gold Price Per Ounce $1,103.80 then that makes one dinar will equal $1.04. I believe most paid about .08, plus or minus a few fractions of a cent.
The smallest dinar note on the CBI site is a 50 Dinar Note. I have 95% 25000 Dinar Notes.
So the new lower notes without the three zeros will be a t, 5, 10 and 25 note. They already have a 50. This is why it is so important to get the lower currency in the banks before this takes place or it will not work.
I hope this helps.  Steve