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Some interesting comments from my Kurdish friend (please treat all as rumor and please dye your own sound diligence).
As I mentioned previously this is a make it or break it year for the Abadi administration .
There is a flurry of meetings which started in December and is still ongoing feverishly in 2016, whether it be with Western officials, The IMF, Sunni Tribal leaders, Military Brass, Kurdish officials, to just name some.
On the long list of “things to do” is the long awaited “deletion of the zeros”, reduction of the money supply and the associated redomination which will follow.

There are however several benchmarks to be accomplished prior hand and the consolidation of Iraqi provinces is a major one.
While Abadi is touting the retaking of Ramadi the major push to territory consolidation is Mosul and bold preparations are ongoing to this massive task which is to roll out by April as a goal.
Look for this goal as a precursor to the roll out to currency reform a quarter or two afterwards BUT only IF the goal can be achieved.