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Comments from my Kurdish friend (treat all as rumors and just please due your own sound diligence).
As we see by press releases Barzani is slowly but surely laying out the imminent future which involves an independent, self-autonomous Kurdistan.
Barzani is convinced that Iraq is a failed state, that the Abadi administration is on its last legs and the Kurds are tired of operating under the shadow of the Iraqi Sunni-Shiite conflict as well as being dependent on the Iraqi central government.
As Barzani continues his campaign of obtaining support of this inevitable outcome of independence by seeking support by any world leaders that will listen, he will shore up more and more support of this goal after this springs military offensive by Abadi to retake Mosul and decimate ISIS.

We are 60-90 days out on learning how this will play out and if Abadi fails then an independent Kurdistan will become official and recognized and supported by the great majority of the world’s nations.