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KTFA: Tivon:  1.) General Budget

2.) Formation of GOI

3.) ?

To be short. I stated for the past four months or so that the first two things were not needed or required in order to implement any reforms. Both have been confirmed from official reports that none will be happening this year other than the preparation for early elections.


Why? Dissolution of course. As I claimed the requirements for everything to meet the citizens demands were already in motion thanks to the EFSL and then its official publication in the Gazette.


Even still when that happened it wasn’t enough for some to be convinced that Al-Kazemi could not deliver on anything until the GOI was seated.


Because Maliki needed to be out the way. Despite the many things that were still being done while Al-Maliki was still on the loose to cause problems. Or too much corruption. There’s no stability. The GOI has to be seated. We need a budget. Joe Biden will not let this happen.


All of these excuses and none of this turned out to be true.


Nothing stopped the PM from paying off debt visiting diplomats and ambassadors or having the ministries implement certain things to prepare for the new digital system.


Now today you see that the peaceful demonstrations have worked to effectively clean out the rats the citizens stand in victory anticipating that their demands are going to be met without a budget or seated GOI.


Now what was the other thing I said is coming, since you can basically scratch off the other two? What is the very thing that will conclude this investment and expedite its formal initiation since Al-Kazemi has already stated it will come after the peaceful protesting was done?


You already seen the official news reports. You already heard Eddie. You know the CBI, AMF, and IMF had meetings. You know banks already been notified about the 15th deadline. Tell me what are your suspicions about item number 3 happening sometime this month.


I mean….you do know the citizens have already been promised that their demands are not years away. Not months away. Not weeks away. But days away. This is in print.


Demands/Entitlements/Reforms are all interchangeable and synonymous.  They need one thing to work. What is it? Imo




MilitiaMan:  Door #3 is the process to get to the RV to start and that, at this point can take nanoseconds.. imo.. ~ MM


Iobey77:  A Shiny New Rate!!!


NoodlesDad:  Lower Denoms, Coins and Fils.


Safeone:  Ah Ah, IMO, how about someone pulling the trigger?????


Suzie:  how about implementation?????


DallasDude:  How about some Damn Courage




Ourcoin:  Dissolution  IMO


Tivon:  Nope. Done and over with. Something else that doesn’t involve politics at all. I wonder what could it be? …. hmmmmmmm. Imo


DallasDude:  With all due respect did I miss an article that dissolution has been made official..I would agree that’s where it is headed..


Tivon:  The motion alone is dissolution. You think Al-Kazemi is waiting for their actual resignation papers? No. Why? Because the EFSL is not a wait & see law. I said this so many times but you guys think Al-Kazemi is playing around for some reason. The guy moves to the letter of the law. Not the time it takes you to adhere to one. If he did that we would actually be waiting until next year right? Because that’s when the new government will be voted in right? Think. The early elections is a result of dissolution. Imo


DallasDude:  All I know is that in 3 days it will be 2 months since EFSL was voted on an passed..I don’t think Kazemi is playing around at all but I do believe an official announcement of dissolution will come before a rate change does, this is what I expect to hear first and foremost and for that reason alone we won’t be waiting until next year..remember the late 4th quarter and trailing but the balls on the twenty yard line with less than a minute to go..Kazemi is the Tom Brady of the middle east right now


Tivon:  What did they say the citizens would receive in days? Dissolution or Entitlements? We are talking about what’s in print. Not what our theories are. You missed this one. 👇


Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi, 08/03/2022, clarified the roadmap for constitutional procedures to achieve the demands of the demonstrators.


Al-Tamimi told Al-Masala that declaring a state of emergency is the key and the beginning of solutions, and it is announced in accordance with Article 61 ninth of the Iraqi constitution, whereby the Al-Kazemi government is empowered with extended powers and subsequent constitutional procedures and is authorized to administer the elections after the parliament is dissolved.


Samsom:  Sadrist’s deputy submits a request to Al-Halbousi to hold an extraordinary session to dissolve parliament


6th August, 2022


A representative of the Sadrist movement, Burhan Al-Maamouri, submitted a request to Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi regarding the dissolution of Parliament.


Al-Maamouri, the only Sadrist MP who did not resign from parliament, demanded that Al-Halbousi hold an emergency session to dissolve parliament and set a date for early elections.


Translation ……


Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives Subject / Dissolution of the House of Representatives, Greetings:


According to the provisions of Article (64) of the Constitution, which states:


First, the House of Representatives is dissolved by an absolute majority of its members based on a request from one-third of its members.  In view of the failure of the House of Representatives to elect a President of the Republic based on the provisions of Article (70) of the Constitution and its failure to implement its constitutional obligations, please kindly approve the dissolution of the House of Representatives and hold an extraordinary session of the Council for this purpose based on the provisions of Article (58) of the Constitution and setting a date for early elections.


We enclose a list of the names of the deputies supporting and signatories to the request. Thank you very much. The accompaniments / – A list of the names of the deputies who signed and supported the request.  LINK


Sawco:  Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that PM K could dissolve parliament on his own, not needing any vote from Parliament…. Did I misunderstand..??


MilitiaMan:  There was speculation that Kahdimi could use necessary powers to do so. However, this article and many others supports that there is a likelihood that a more specific constitutional way is being used. There are more than one. I suspect that the list of names is the 110 needed to dissolve. Well timed today.. imo ~ MM

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