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This should not surprise anyone.  Iran is a self serving state who has been using Iraq as a surrogate state through the Maliki government and has been draining economically this state as a source of funding for the last ten years.

It is finding itself being forcibly removed from the Iraqi teet and see Sadr whom they harbored for almost 5 years as a focal point.  Iran is finding it’s control they enjoyed under Maliki vanishing under Abadi and Sadr and al-Sistani.
I am sure if this story turns out to be true, and I feel comfortable it will, will solicit a very strong response from the religious authority in Nassif.  al-Sistani will speak out against this putting the two Ayatollahs in both Iraq and Iran at odds with each other.

This has the possibility of the two Shiite religious hierarchy  fighting for publically for the hearts of Iraqi’s and a major division in Iran’s goal of a Shiite Crescent in the middle East.  Iran has just made a major strategic mistake.
If this comes to pass as I see it, Iran will finally and completely loose its stranglehold on Iraq and its influence with the new government will be greatly diminished.
The people of Iraq love and follow al-Sistani and will rally around him if any kind of a confrontation with Iran’s Ayatollah occur.  Iran is treading in uncharted waters here and it better be very careful.
As far as any Russian involvement – it figures.  Puttin just can’t pass up any situation where he can be a thorn in the side of the west be it economic, political or personal.
That and Putin is bedfellows with Iran and he both having a major stake in Assads survival, Iran wanting to see the Shiite Crescent remain intact so Iran can continue control Assad as their business as usual, and Russia wanting to keep it’s foothold in Syria and it’s bases on Syrian soil.
So what is good for Iran becomes good for Russia.  Russia is also an economic supplier of Iran supplying both arms and domestic supplies.  I can see Putin being asked for his help behind the scenes by Iran and Putin seeing his chips in the ME being enhanced by assisting in this assassination.
DENIALS BY IRAN AND PUTIN TO FOLLOW  but if al-Sistani wants to, this is his opening to fester Iranian meddling in Iraq’s sovereign affairs to the Iraqi’s citizenry, and the potential to destroy Iran’s influence altogether.  This will be very interesting to watch as it develops and should speed up the forming of the Iraqi government.
I am sure this episode makes the government feel very vulnerable not being fully formed and functioning at this time.  Again random thoughts from a deep delusional mind.  Please excuse the grammar.  I generally don’t like to read my own posts because I always take exception to these delusional rantings.   acmedtlarious  TLAR