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Willeydell70:  So sounds like we really need to be watching for lower denoms to be out and Iraqi people to be paid.. I hope they release the RV after those 2 things quickly 🙂

Dave202:  Willey Tony said when the LD’s go we are next

Willeydell70:  Dave101. Sounds like most gurus feel that way, i just wonder how long it will take…. There have been so many opinions of what we are looking for. I just dont think anyone truly knows. I am watching for LD’s.

Rrrr:  It’s time to give THANKS… It’s time for the GIVING… how appropriate it seems at these moments we’re living, to just STOP and reflect on THIS moment we share. What WAS, doesn’t matter, it’s of THIS time we should care…. For all who we love and interact with each day… to say Thank You to all who have brightened our way!… It’s a time for perspective, so just take a moment, turn and give them a hug, and a smile, heaven sent.

Rrrr:  Here we are together at another Thanksgiving…as I surmise the moment, I find myself torn between two scenarios… one is real, that is the adventures I have shared with all of you!.. The other is still a dream; the dream that has brought us all together and always will until our dream becomes reality. The Lessons learned here are abundant… the memories we’ve endured through this RV, will in our hearts, forever be protected. As we approach our dream, let us give THANKS…. And always be GIVING.

BigRig:  I am just grateful to have several currencies and OUR day will be here shortly and BOY ARE WE GONNA HAVE FUN.