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Tishwash:   Keywords for “Tomorrow Press”: 70% of the currency outside banks and in this way must be protected

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:

revealed the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords, on Sunday, for about 70% of the currency outside the banking sector, while calling for educating citizens to protect the Iraqi currency.

Keywords and said for “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” that ” the Central Bank ‘s mission is the financial and monetary organization policy in Iraq, during its monitoring of the volume of deposits in banks and found that it does not fit a lot about what is in Iraq from the monetary bloc, where it was found that about 70% of currency outside the banking sector. ”

Keywords pointed out that “not usually in other countries to be so large amounts of currency outside the banking sector must therefore banks to promote and educate citizens to deposit their money in banks , ” asserting that ” the central bank supports education towards this important issue , which can help to stimulate trade and economic movement. ”  link