In TNT 

Billnmas: My banker told me last week zim was 10 cents.

Yada:  billnmas,,,not sure if it was you who I heard it from but I heard that as well 10¢.

Readtnow:  I’m planning on this taking place in the next couple of days.

Billnmas:  I am not hearing that from my banker about the next few days…..He doesn’t know when…….he has told me anytime be ready…..but i don’t think he knows when…..he is very excited… he literally had a scheduled time last Thursday for exchange and I was ready………it didn’t happen……so I think he is really skeptical about specific days…he just said be ready

Freeway2:  billmas – I can understand that. Once burned.

Billnmas:  I don’t look at is a being burned……….and he doesn’t either……we just need to be ready to go!!!!!

Chuicy:  .10 for zim? wow thats incredible

Billnmas:  my info about zim rates came from wells fargo

Billybob164:  Is that with 6zeros removed bill?

Billnmas:  6 zeros is our assumption…..key word there……

Luvwulfs:  It certainly won’t be face value

Billnmas:  be ready to go people…….don’t be afraid to leave your state…….or many states lol

SusanaC:  billnmas- when do u think it’ll go?

Billnmas:  My personal opinion on the revalue is that Iraq is one small cog in a giant complex structure….we have put a lot more emphasis on Iraq because we watch them every minute of every day….. If iraq sneezes we hand them a kleenex……

I don’t know what all needs to be done but think about it if all the other currencies are going to revalue also……doesn’t it seem to lead to a much bigger picture…

Obviously Iraq is a very important part of this puzzle but seriously they are just waiting to but there piece of the puzzle into the picture when its time to place it!!!

We know that, the rest of the country doesn’t know that. If they show all that is going outside of Iraq, could be a big tip off

Tishwash:  This is in Iranian news so it would seem others are watching them too

Mugabe Insists Zimbabwe Is Not Fragile

Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old president, Robert Mugabe, sat slumped in his chair, wringing his hands, as he told a World Economic Forum for Africa panel discussion Friday in a low murmur that his country was not a fragile state.

Mugabe’s government is struggling with a debt crisis, a fall in foreign exchange inflows, and acute shortages of cash that have forced banks to limit withdrawals, as well as growing resistance to his three-decade rule, News24 reported.

But he told a panel discussion on fragile countries at the WEF in Durban that Zimbabwe’s economy was on the mend. “Zimbabwe is one of the most highly developed countries, second after South Africa,” he said.

He pointed out that the country had universities and the highest literacy rate on the continent at 90%. “You cannot even talk about us as a fragile state from an economic point of view.

Critics have accused Mugabe of wrecking one of Africa’s most promising economies and causing unemployment of over 80% through policies such as the violent seizures of white-owned commercial farms.

“This year we will have a bumper harvest. Not just maize, we have cotton and tobacco . . . we are not a poor country,” Mugabe said.

Despite numerous protests against his leadership, he said many people still supported his government. “Economies cannot grow as quickly as our people expect them to. Investment should have come long ago.”

Reports indicate that an estimated three million Zimbabweans were economic refugees due to Mugabe’s failed policies.

Economist and banker, Bhekithemba Mhlanga pointing out that that most people thought of fragile states in terms of countries such as Somalia a few years ago—but Zimbabwe was now a caricature of a similar state by most comparisons.

“…When you have a situation where the country has no currency of its own, faces massive liquidity crisis, unemployment at 90% and cannot provide effective health care—then it is a failed state, especially given that it once had all this in place,” said Mhlanga.

Mhlanga stressed that the fragility of Zimbabwe stemmed from two major sources—weak economic fundamentals and the opaque succession politics.

“Anyone who says otherwise is simply floating in the sphere of the angels—they are dreaming. Mugabe needs to wake up and smell the chaos,” said the banker.  link