In TNT 

Ecubucs: How much fun we All are about to have helping others! And it’s about to happen Very Very Soon! It can come as fast as a “Click” of the fingers…. And you will have been so proud that you saw this through!!!

NetGlobal:  GM TNT Iraqi forces are on the move!

Tomegun:  Ramadan 2017 in United States of America will begin in the evening of Friday , May 26 and ends in the evening of Sunday , June 25 FYI Folks

NetGlobal: Mosul will be declared liberated by the time Ramadan starts. You can bet your bottom dollar on that

Tomegun: Yes Netglobal by Ramadan I hope to see not only a RV but a unfied Iraq with MR taking place all having the time of there lifes because a new future is for all

NetGlobal:  I feel they are very close. The IMF and the WB are reportedly pushing Iraq to get this done.