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Iko Ward :  Forex will open at 5 EST but probably not post till 7:30 or 8.

Iko Ward :  We, as in TNT peeps, know what to do and we’ll be fine, but as for the other six million.. I remember when it was less than 3.5 mill total not so long ago…. Its the American way…survival of the fitest…only the strong survive….etc. etc.

Turkeyhtr :  Those who have paid attention and learned what has been taught will be fine! Knowledge is power!

Iko Ward :  Turkey…exactly…. everything will be fine. Remember your training and you’ll walk away fine.

Iko Ward: The next 48 hrs are gonna get rough. Try and help those who are panicked to stay calm….

We are going to hear all kinds of rumors, some we have never heard. There are entities out there dying. They will not go quiet into that good night.

gizmosmom :  IKO this is just insane.

Iko Ward :  Giz, it’s supposed to be. Sit back and enjoy the show

apexdinar : I cancelled a meeting for the call tomorrow, expecting fireworks!

Iko Ward :  Apex, not Tony call….bank call

Apexdinar: I think the next 48 hours will be stupendous – the 11/30 date is so critical

Pieeyedpop:  IMO…When IMF announces China is a reserve currency the process starts immediately…It will take until Sept 2016 to complete the change over from 4 reserve currencies to five reserve currencies…This will entail countries selling the 4 present reserve currencies to make room for the Yuan.

Ohema IKO, since China is getting the votes they need in the IMF, what are the chances that they would rock the boat and maybe force the RV by revaluing the VNN?

Iko Ward :  Ohemo…great minds think alike.


Elmer123456:   I am pretty much in agreement with IKO. Just got off an Intel call and it lines up with what all we are seeing, IKO’s summations also.

Whether we get 800# or not or Tony does a final call ahold not concern anyone. Like Pam has mentioned a hundred times before, you know more than you think you do.

Once you have money, you’r going to have to trust your own judgements so make it your plan to act alone if we have too. You know what to do! Have confidence folks.


ECC1519:  Think about it…If banks have spent $millions on call centers and staff over the years, the last thing they want is Chaos. The Bank’s Foreign Currency 800# will be sufficient. The only Chaos will be dinarians freaking out cause they THINK they don’t know what to do…you know what to do

OKRocks:  When you call the foreign currency depts at banks they could still send you to an exchange center


[freeway2] ninnypickles LAS Tony has always said that if he doesn’t hear about the RV from the U.S. side, he will get it first from the other side. So we should know right away when it happens, one way or another. IMO

[ninnypickles] freeway2 Yep. I’m not really concerned about it. It wont be hard to figure out when it happens

[freeway2] ninnypickles That’s my thinking. I have everything ready, know the Bank I want to use, and if we don’t get 800nbrs. then I’ll call their currency department
[ninnypickles] freeway2 I am curious though if the dong will go before the dinar. That’s what it sounded like they were saying. Who knows at this point

[ninnypickles] freeway2 Me too

[Lindar] Chaos is beginning, isn’t that what is ? supposed to happen

[ninnypickles] Lindar That’s what we’ve heard, yes

Lindar] We just need to hang on for the ride

snickers] I always said it would end in a way no one would have thought. The way they finally decide to do it is totally out of our control. Exciting stuff. We’ll see.


OfCourse13:  wow! ​-1-percent-will-exceed-that-of-the-rest-of-humanity-in-2016?detail=ema​ ilclassic

Starchild:  CNN World markets tonight about 8:00 PM – Watch China >>>

AzGirl:  Bloomberg: Did Yuan really pass the IMF Currency Test? You will know soon: International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde and some two dozen officials on the fund’s executive board will gather Monday at headquarters in Washington for one of the most-anticipated decisions outside of actually approving loans for nations in crisis.