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Eccle519: I hope the Maliki news is true…leaving Iraq for med reasons. All Abadi has to do now is issue an arrest warrant like Maliki did to Shabibi and he will never come back

Queensea: Eccl519 if Maliki is leaving it’s a great sign we are there

Briona: I am sure Maliki finally saw the writing on the wall and exited before he gets executed.

JerseyBoysFaninMN: Recent text from Iko Ward: “A legit dealer where I got all of my Zim has never solicited. Now three times in the past week. All manner of lower denoms. Why now? Do the math.” So I’m thinking the dealer can’t get the larger (trillion and million) notes anymore so is trying to get rid of the lower ones? Your thoughts?

JerseyBoysfaninMN: I’m hoping that means we’re at the end of the end of the end of this thing and the dealer is trying to get rid of what he has left.

“Why?” – One Who Knows – 5.23.17


Why isn’t the RV here yet? That seems to be the big question… doesn’t it? And Yet, it serves no purpose to know. It is not useful in the least. The RV is not here yet, at least not for you…not just yet, but it will be. Can you handle that?

Do you REALLY need to know that it was a computer glitch? Something that was not signed yet? Some Yahoo in Israel? Some Cabal infiltration that needs to be handled? That is all FALSE and FAKE information and none of it is true. Do you want truth or some made up lie to explain why you don’t have the number yet?


It is rolling out now all over the World and at a slow but steady pace by a word of mouth (Segment) system. So many are getting done already and soon MOST of us will be exchanged already. Then and only then, will it “Appear” on the websites and in your email, just in case you had not been contacted yet. If you don’t have the number yet, it means that it is not your turn on the segment list yet. That’s all.

Do You Want A Lie?

Do you want a different, BUT NOT TRUE, reason why you don’t have it yet? Take your pick from what is being given to you or you can even make up something yourself, if it makes you feel better. If you can’t handle that it is not you turn in line yet, then blame it on Israel, the Banks or Trump, or whatever you want to believe, you think could delay it.


Do yourself a favor and Replace Waiting & Being Patient for the RV, with Anticipating the RV. It is a way better place to be Emotionally and Manifesting wise.

Don’t worry, there is an Early line and you are already in it. When the Early Exchanges stop, the On-Time exchanges will begin when the rates change officially on the IMF website. Either way, you won’t miss out.

All is well!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


“Bruce Claims LD’s Out” by BB136 – 5.24.17

Listened to Big Call replay, and my apologies to you die-hard, long term and heavily researched Dinarians, but I had to comment. This is the first time in two years I heard something significant. He didn’t say that something significant was going to happen, he said it’s confirmed and did happen.

For all you newbies out there, what Bruce said was something very significant for oldtimers.

Caveat: However, it seemed like not that big a deal, especially the way he tried to explain it. In reality, if true, and that’s the big “if” again, then it, the “RV”, is done.

Bruce said:

“The lower denoms are out now in ATM machines.”

Tony an Rayren and Bruce have always said the cards have the new rate, but that is ambiguous and simply never confirmed.

But what he said today: It means in country they are trading with 1, 50, 100, 250 and 500 IQD notes or similar. Or they are using the 50, 250 and 500 IQD notes already listed as available on the website in regular trade.

Either way, at 1162 Dinar for 1 USD, the 500 IQD note is about $.43. And the 1 IQD note is $.00086 and such lower notes aren’t even useable to trade (the CBI in fact withdrew from circulation the 50 IQD note on May 1st, 2015)

So if it is confirmed they are using those lower notes in country to purchase and trade, the IQD must have revalued at at least 1 IQD = $.20 or so (meaning a 500 IQD note would be worth $100 USD, 100 UQD note worth $20 USD).

Of course we are looking for at least $3.86 USD per IQD or so and then their “fils” (coins) will then be useable. But either way, for Iraqis to be trading with lower denoms (meaning they aren’t using the 1000, 5000, 10000, and 25000 notes other than for big items, than the RV has to be done.

They have not lopped or disallowed use of the three zero notes so we would be able to redeem our notes for big cash. The darn CBI just has to update the exchange rate, which the IMF would require them to do if the IQD is to be international.

Maybe Bruce was trying to say this, but bottom line is we are done and just need to have CBI change the international rate.

I mean, as long as I’ve been in this (since 2010) it’s what we’ve been waiting for. It is so huuugggee if true. Bruce tried to make it sound significant, but folks it is really significant, it’s the whole enchilada. It’s what we have been waiting for.

Goshes, I hope it is really confirmed and true. The IQD was once thought to be the linchpin of the GCR. Let it be so!

Blessings,  BB136