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PsychicGrama: I received a call from​ my friend Saif who just moved back to Iraq with​ his family to run a security business. I asked him what if anything he has heard over there. He said a lot of confusion because so many conflicting stories being told. There have been a lot asking about RV related issues. The general consensus​ is nothing is going to happen until sometime after Ramadan. Apparently, a lot of confusion on the political front.  Goes to show, they don’t know any more over there than we do here.

Freeway2:  yada – Did the IMF give any time frame

Yada:  freeway, it was stated in mid April to have it done by then by the WB, IMF, and US,,,they agreed with Abidi to give them unil the first few weeks of May and it was agreed for the security factor,,,while everyone was looking at Mosul, the monetary reforms were initiated hence the expectation to look for the lower denom, adjust prices with the item in Iraq,,we saw on the left hand the Mosul secured and on the right hand,,,about to release the rates

No reason to start looking at Ramadan as a time where nothing will get done because they still work and the WB and IMF are not limited with Ramadan so we still should expect it now,,,,,no law or reforms have to be voted and not waiting on the IMF on the national scene to do anything to release the dinar,,it is all done,,

CharlieOk:  How can Iraq be doing business with contractors and inviting international companies to come into Iraq and do business with 1185 dinars; and, be under the thumb of IMF and UN? Doesn’t make sense and I don’t buy it. I believe Iraq has revalued their currency and is playing ball with a limited number of businesses and countries with revalued dinar.

Yada: thank you Charlie,,,the contractors,,,we had someone come in about 10 days ago confirming they were being paid

CharlieOk:   It’s frustrating; but it just ain’t our turn yet. I’m with you yada – I think we have a shot fairly soon.

Yada:  do believe that even after we have exchnged,,many who exchnged will still not know what took place,,all they will know is they went to the bank when the time was right and thats the fact Jack,,