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Elmerf123456:  Sistani makes BIG Announcement Speech

Urgent info!!!!   Sistani says the organization Daash defeat and announces the success of the forty visit

Twilight News / top religious authority, said Ali al-Sistani Friday that the organization Daash which occupies large areas of the country will be defeated at the same time announcing the success of the visit forty Imam Hussein in Karbala with the participation of millions of visitors.

This was followed by Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai speech on behalf of al-Sistani in his Friday sermon and said that “Daash will be defeated and shatter because of the steadfastness of the Iraqi people and the security forces.” Sistani’s representative said that the visit of the forty crowned with great success because of good management and pointed out that the reference offer thanks to the state institutions and the media for their role in the success of the forty-day visit.

Reference renewed its call for the government to immediately engage the private sectors to build infrastructure projects. SOURCE

Luvwolfs:  I see Sistani has spoken..Hope that is the push we need 🙂

JerseyBoysFanin:  Hope it’s ok to say this…. this morning on Open Mic RayRen said that we’re in a wonderful spot right now. Some are expected to be called and go through possibly as early as today and tomorrow, but the rest are likely on Monday and Tuesday. No promises, but it certainly seems that we are there guys. Be encouraged and expect a wonderful Christmas this year. Ho freakin’ ho!

KajunRedBull:  Good Morning, can anyone explain my question: Iraq is done, the banks have received the memo for green light, all security and bank employees have been trained. It is the Weekend and banks are closed…so why are we not able to make appointment and go celebrate yet?


SassyD:  The government began to implement Amendment salaries of all state empl​oyees — 05-12-2015 04:30 PM —LINK

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