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Iko Ward: We got beau coup movement on Forex

Desmo: IKO…is this movement any different from the weekends movement….better?

Iko Ward:  Yes, greater depth and unusual timing means they are reacting to market pressures. Gold looks like the intermediate slope at Killington. Crude is trying to get back to 38. 12 of the tankers I’m monitoring at Galveston have left in the past two days.

Iko Ward:  So guys, here’s what I think. They are releasing this to various sectors at their convenience. Sooner or later a critical mass of sectors will force the RV onto the general public.

Things like the Crude Market today are a forcing sector. Merchants in Baghdad are another. Western Market concern is another. There are all sorts of entities out there jockeying for position. But rest assured it is coming, and coming to us soon

Remember when others talk about it going to the public WE are not the public, we are the Internet Group
RayRen98:  One of my bank contacts confirmed seeing Zim for a quick moment this evening but could only make .5__

JerseyBoysFaninMN:  I’ll take $.5 RayRen…. any day!

Chardinar: .5 holy schnikers Ray

RayRen98:  One of my bank contacts confirmed seeing Zim for a quick moment this evening but could only make out .5- something. It was probably the .57 that was shared earlier today.

JerseyboysFaninMN:  Know exactly what you have, what you will be getting, negotitate, and have a couple of scenarios already worked out in your mind or on paper so you don’t get surprised. For example… if zim comes out at $.57… I’m gonna be thrilled. If it’s $.03, what changes will I need to make to my plan?

GoodSnag: Roadrunner, is tonight the night or was it last night?

Roadrunner:  Goodsnag, We were hoping last night. We will see what happens tonight.. Pray. They are rite…

Dedar:  I thought somebody said that the longer we wait the rates will increase. I wonder if there is any truth in that.


[xyz] US Issues New Iraq Travel Warning The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all but essential travel to Iraq. Travel within Iraq remains very dangerous given the security situation. The ability of the Embassy to assist U.S. citizens facing difficulty, including arrest, is extremely limited.


Greatly Blessed:  Finland Plans to Give Every Citizen, Rich or Poor, $870 a Month

The basic income plan would replace other welfare programs.

Those struggling to make ends meet in Finland could soon get some extra cash, courtesy of the government. The Nordic nation is considering plans to hand over 800 tax-free euros to citizens every month. And it’s not just for citizens who are strapped for cash—every resident would receive a monthly payment equivalent to about $870.

The monthly 800-euro payment would replace all other welfare, social security programs, and unemployment payments, The Independent reports. The Finnish government plans to begin testing the program in 2017.

Finland’s unemployment rate is at a 10-year high of more than 9 percent (the United States’ rate is 5.4 percent). Some fear the basic income would be unfair, with the wealthy receiving the same amount as the poor. Others worry it might make people less eager to find work, but the monthly check is designed to get people back into the workforce. For many Finnish citizens, getting a part-time or low-paying job could impact their welfare benefits, leaving them worse off than if they did not work at all.

Americans face a similar problem: Working 30 hours a week in several states disqualifies people from receiving unemployment. In countries such as Germany and Italy, unemployment benefits are tied to past work, with citizens qualifying only if they have worked in the past year.

The process to receive government assistance in practically every nation is complicated, requiring dozens of forms, proof of job seeking, and the filing of weekly claims. A set monthly check, with no strings attached, would eliminate the red tape.

“For me, a basic income means simplifying the social security system,” said Prime Minister Juha Sipila, who supports the idea, according to The Telegraph. A survey by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution found that 69 percent of citizens would prefer basic income to other benefits.

Canada experimented with basic income in the 1970s, but when a conservative party came to power, it eliminated the program. Food Banks Canada issued a report in November calling for a return to basic income for the entire nation, saying it removes the stigma from receiving welfare.

The Netherlands has announced a basic income program in the city of Utrecht, but it will only serve citizens who would otherwise qualify for welfare. Switzerland is set to hold a referendum on a basic income program next year.


TIshwash:  Association of Banks: The third conference will draw a map of the work of private banks for the next year

[Baghdad – where]

assured the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq that the third conference to be held by the Association in the 12 and 13 of this month in Baghdad, will chart the work of private banks map in Iraq in the coming year, adding that the conference will witness the presence Arab significant for various public and private banking institutions.

Tariq said during a press Preparatory Conference for the third conference to be held by the Iraqi Association of private banks in the 12 and 13 of this month in Baghdad attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], it is important to have the country’s special and strong banking sector, “explaining that” the next conference which will be held in the 12 and 13 of December of this will witness the presence Arab great to various public and private banking institutions.

“He added that” the conference which will be held under the slogan [the banking sector gate of financial inclusion and pillar of the reform and sustainable development, will discuss many topics, including the Iraqi banking sector relationship outside Ocean and the role of the banking sector is also in a stage through which Iraq.

“He continued Tariq” The conference will draw a map of 2016 of Iraqi private banks, “noting that” the previous conference has made ​​a lot of recommendations and proposals with the support of the Iraqi Council of Representatives / the Commission on the economy, investment and the support of the Central Bank of Iraq. ” .

He stressed the importance that “the banking sector to achieve growth and development and beyond the difficulties, which is actually capable of that, and that takes a role larger, as well as the state institutions must be integrated with the private sector and that a genuine partnership between government and the private sector realized.”

For his part, Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani said during the conference that “the central bank’s initiative to give the task of small and medium-sized loans to stimulate the private sector, so it can not be for us to see a successful industry without powered by the state private sector,” noting that “the next conference held by the private bank association Iraq under the banner of [the banking sector gate of financial inclusion and pillar of the reform and sustainable development] will be important for Iraq toward a market economy.

“He added that” the process of work accompanied by a lot of challenges and problems and some have taken the opportunity to realize their gains, but these voices fade to work hard and fair, “adding “The government in all sectors tend to build institutional sober all-round inclusive of the banking sector, in order to keep abreast of developments in the world.”
attended the conference, which was held at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad a lot of media have been many questions raised regarding the work of the Special Conference to be held by the banking sector Iraqi private banks association in the 12 and 13 of this month under the banner of [the banking sector and financial inclusion gate pillar reform and sustainable development in Arashid.anthy