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TnDr: Art is on OM, stating it is a slow rollout, says groups looking for notification, but we could be in the bank soon….tomorrow possibly….everything is moving. Bruce is accurate, others not so much. That’s it…he says, “get ‘er done”

Greenstream:  Tndr,,,, did you catch [in my words] the IMF contract w/ iraq to help iraq ends 2015 so iraq has to scramble to get this done. now the 15th iraqi tarriffs goes into effect dec. 15th too. just more puzzle pieces ……lol lol

Red:  Last evening on open mic they dug to the bottom of the sim exchange story and came to the conclusion that knows him can be provably cashed in at this time it’s only a rumor that somebody thought they read some place and started repeating it again no zim has been cashed in according to jMHO

[xyz] IMF allows lending to countries with arrears

[xyz] Iraqi Official Gazette published the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism law

[xyz] Parliamentary Finance provide a final report on the budget next Monday