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Iko Ward: There are all kinds of rumors claiming for the third night in a row it’s done, we’ll be in the banks tomorrow. The great news is it probably has, just not in the form we thought. IMO there is evidence of a convenience or “priority” to how they are letting it go.

By “they” I mean the decision maker accommodating the various factions and power brokers. We are still near the end of the list.

Iko ward: We are not ‘The Public”, we are the internet group. But we are way down the line from a BRICS nation or a Rothschild or The Vatican. Everybody’s in line. No one is exempt. And this is now “event” driven, not date driven.

One thing gets done, the next gets moving.

Iko Ward :But a single event could push a simultaneous RV. If the market keeps going down that could be the main event.

The Chinese could get pissed and declare an early asset back. The wonderful, wonderful thing for us is that it is going down and we are all safe no matter what. We own this currency. Our butts are covered.
Iko Ward : As far as how long, maybe not until next weeks meeting of the FED. IMO, not after Christmas. I don’t think the markets will allow that.

Iko Ward : It’s only going to take one sector to freak out and the rest will follow in hours.

Iko Ward : From what I am hearing, don’t get fancy with your exchange tactics. Get in, get out, and put your money to work.

luvwulfs : I heard any moment any hour any day

Iko Ward : luvs..that’s the name of this tune. But rest assured, the Fat Lady is about to sing.

Clemson Fan: IKO…can you elaborate on who the decision makers are?

Iko Ward: Clems..the big surprise is it is not the IMF, not the US Administration, not the Chinese, but one of the original architects who has been in this for decades. How bout that?

ClemsonFan:  IKO.. are you talking about the Chinese elders?

Iko Ward: Clems…yes.

Sun2Day: IKO ~~~ what took so long to figure that out?

Iko Ward: seems to have been a well guarded secret. But the truth will out. It always does.

DinarBlessed:  Iko.. Are the Chinese Elders the Elder Statesmen as referred to by DC?

Iko Ward :  dinar, no, that’s someone in our government or former government but I don know who.

CaptWillie:  I thought the Chinese we’re pushing for it???

Iko Ward:  Capt..they are, but others are not.

Clemsonfan : IKO… I keep wondering how they could let China get so screwed up with their government and environment when they are so concerned about helping mankind financially.

Iko Ward : Clems, that because you think in decades and not centuries.

Sun2day wrote 1m ago IKO “in your heart of hearts”, do u think it can land in US for the internet peeps before Christmas?

Iko Ward : sun2day, I am hearing no later than next week but probably sooner.


TKillian:  Tenn you mentioned last night a fourth contact,has any given you a time frame?

TennWolfMan: yes–we are in the timeframe right now as we speak…. I have heard from 3 out of my 4 contacts and all 3 are saying its done and slowly heading our way

PeachyDinar:  I do hope that all these rumors about the RV will turn into trumors. Lol

TennWolfMan:  this thing is gonna catch a lot of people off guard because we have heard it so many times now that some will not believe it is really here

TennWolfMan:  All 4 of my sources are saying Christmas is going to be spectacular…. 1 of my intel is a currency trader in Cali that has connections all over the world and he says its here

TennWolfMan:  I know there are doubters in here but I dont care–I am just relaying my info to you as I have recieved it

TennWolfMan:  today at 12 oclock noon I am taking the time to pray this thing in–anyone want to join in at 12 eastern may do so….. I urge everyone that will to join in in prayer–this thing is upon us and we need it to come on thru

TennWolfMan: If we all really group together as 1 we will see miracles get done this day.