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Iko Ward:  Remember when 1074 would have had us rolling in the aisles? And now it’s like, year, so what. Look at how we adapt in less than 3 weeks.

Iko Ward:  CNN Fear & Greed index now at 35. That means they’re-a-skeered. Crude continues it’s slide. Mainstream media is dancing with the wolves only this ain’t no movie. Already getting rumor-tell this AM it was done last night. What’s important here is the trend, the direction, the Nantucket Sleigh-ride. We are hooked in.

Iko Ward:  Excuse the whale hunting metaphor.

ExpectingGod:  Iko – woo hoo! Sounds wonderful 🙂

Dutchie:  Iko whale boat anchor Yeah…I know! lame!

Iko Ward:  dutchie, I just don’t want that line to get wrapped around my foot.

Peaches1: Insider trading has reached record levels…… i.e., the top people in corporations are “a-skeered” and unloading.

Iko Ward:  Over 650 billion in stock-puts scheduled for Dec. 16TH. Why doesn’t Wall Street just stand up a shout WE HOPE ALL YOU SUCKERS FAIL!

IWFG1818:  IKO – 650 B in puts?!?! That’s astonishing !

Shane:  Now that’s interesting IKO

Iko Ward:  OK guys, off to a meeting. Insurance guy. Don’t forget that once you are wealthy you are going to have to upgrade all your insurances and look into asset protection.


Sallypuff] Dec 9 10:47 PM [Sallypuff] Some oil companies are laying off as much as 80% of their work force, and these are high paying jobs. This will have a direct effect on banks, hedge funds, and maybe some derivatives. By April many oil companies will probably suspend dividends.

The prediction is the stock market will go down to 11,000 in a short time and my continue downward beyond that level. All this will be good for those of us holding currencies.

China is well aware of what is going on and they are pleased as they see this as a collapse of the financial cabal, which has been manipulating the stock and commodities markets.

The currencies which will be backed by gold are China, India and Russia, and will maintain their values. The US will eventually be gold backed. Again this is not to be put on Recaps or Dinar Detectives.

Watch the Asian analysts and Bloomberg. The Asian analysts have not been brain washed into the false thinking that has distorted the opinions of American analysts. Dec 9 10:57 PM [Sallypuff] The events that will start to happen next week should result in a RV prior to the end of the year and could be before Christmas.

We are in a good position as both Tony and Ray had indicated.

Much of what Iko Ward posted early this morning ties in with what we heard last evening. It is either going to be a merry Christmas or a Happy New Year’s even for all Dinarians and those holding the currencies we have been talking about for months and years.

It will be the opposite for Wall Street and the wealthy whose wealth is based on their stock portfolios.