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Uenvoy : Went to my bank today and spoke with the Foreign Exchange person.. Did you know that all Wells Fargo now have a Foreign currency person onsite, for all the big banks in your area. She told me that Wells Fargo spent millions to get everyone trained before the new year. And that when the time comes she would give me a call. Now that is confirmation, if I do say so.

flybaby777 : Art (on open mic call) also said Reno should go tonight also … and peeps notifications out tonight/AM .. and sanctions be lifted in 1-2 days for rial to be reinstated… not going in basket it’s a ri and can go when sanctions lifted

Dinera:  Art is Artmiester from the Alabama Calls. Alabama stopped doing calls but Art still has many contacts and he is sincere and always says it is rumortell until it happens.

[LAS] Iko (on open mic csll) – Asset back can be explained by “shift in buying power”.

its as if you are going back to 1970.

Asset back is a abstract thing to get comfortable with…

Asset backed…the country’s asset whether it be corn, gold, minerals, military might, brain trust, etc

he (Iko) sure is looking for it to go tonight…markets are looking for this today

[Sallypuff] LAS – I don’t know how they can add much more positive news on OM than what you already posted. It certainly looks like we should either see this tonight, or tomorrow or NO later that the 16th.

LOU: IKO had the same Intel as Art about the attempt on the RV around 4:30 pm today. There has been a short delay and they will try again. IKO is expecting this tonight

Gator: I pray IKO and Art are right.

calgoldy : I thought I recalled that someone said last wk that Artmeister had some high up contacts….can’t recall…in Gov’t or something

flybaby777 :  calgoldy…. your right he’s the one elmer said was having big meeting w/okie

[LAS] Iko expaining parity – everything is going to be equal

[LAS] Caller on OM – asset backed is smaller numbers having greater value.

[LAS] Caller – how is this going to be explained to the 300,000,000 others? Iko – lower prices, spin by leaders, real estate is a stickler

[LAS] Mod – parity, parity, parity.

[Sallypuff] This is a repeat for those who can only see current posts, and can’t scroll up. jumpinjackflash wrote 2m ago Ole…IKO and Art said an attempt was made at 430 and they will try again tonight possibly in the wee hours…they are both in agreement that it could go tonight.


Rrrr:  “If you build it, it will come”. It has been built! It will come without all the judging, blaming, analyzing, miss-informing, complaining, and negative comments! Seize this Moment of RV. It’s a truly magical moment. Be in awe that you were chosen to receive this Blessing. Don’t try to touch it. Just feel its presence. Don’t try to understand it. Just know that it is here. No questions, No doubt. When the time is perfect, the universe will Break it Out.